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Cheese Factory

Our Story

Supported by their love for the animals they used to take care of and for the land Wheel they lived, two brothers, Nullo and Marcello  Boselli , decided long ago to devote their lives to the production of the king of cheeses, Parmigiano-Reggiano.

The  dairyfarm Boselli  originated from a family that have been farmers for generations.

At first they built  a cowhouse in San Ruffino in the countryard of Parma and then they started a dairyfarm when they made cheese Onyx from the milk they produced.

The continuous development of their activities led to the building of a modern breeding plant in Fontanellato, a village situated in the flat and fertile land of Parma.

At present the whole farm counts about 190 milking cows devided into two breeding plants and producing 6,000 kilograms of milk a day, that is entirely turned into Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

The attività is now carried on by the three sons of the eldest brother, Alberto, Vittorio, Filippo, that with great determination keep working on their family farm.

Wheels of cheese a year
Metric tons of milk a day